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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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they were staying is completely demolished. garage is gone. >> a wildfire in the east hills of los angeles has destroyed five homes and force the thousands of evacuations. -- forced thousands of evacuations. police have arrested three men accused of throwing paper on a campfire that went out of control. governor jerry brown is expected to declare a drought emergency today. this is one of the driest winters on record. the declaration will allow the governor to order water conservation measures and seek federal help. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 17. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. we are following two major stories this morning. happening today, governor brown expected to declare a drought emergency for the state of california. we are going to have much more on that coming up in just a
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couple of minutes. >> but first developing overnight, fire crews managed to stop a wildfire from spreading in l.a. county. despite harsh windy conditions, the colby fire is now 30% contained. flames have charred at least 1700 acres since yesterday morning. five homes are now piles of rubble. the focus now is putting out hot spots 25 miles east of downtown l.a. near the city of glendora and making sure flames don't spread to nearby communities. cbs reporter teri okita tells us what crews are doing to get the upper hand. terry. >> reporter: hi, michelle. good morning. well, we are going to get some more updated information in about an hour and a half from a public information officer from the l.a. fire department. we are at the command center right now and about 10 miles down the road to the east of us is the city of glendora, the hardest hit by the wildfires. city officials have declared a state of emergency there. they are hoping to get federal
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funding to help those people who were evacuated. high winds wind the wildfire through the san gabriel mountains burning dangerously close to communities 30 miles east of los angeles. many residents could only watch in disbelief. >> started off with a couple of little embers, thought we were safe. really don't know right now. >> reporter: more than 700 firefighters are scrambling to put out hot spots through the 1700 acres of charred brush. the crews have stopped flames from advancing into populated neighborhoods for now. fire officials say they are most concerned about the santa ana winds and flying embers. the red flag warning has been extended into at least friday evening. flames destroyed at least five homes and damaged more than a dozen others. the fire burned around becky smiths home. her 80-year-old father and mother escaped with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. >> they don't have anything now. >> i'm having a more difficult time than i'm showing, okay? >> reporter: at least 1,000 people remain under evacuation orders, including max and lisa ellison.
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max decided to stay, but lisa left when the fire crept closer. >> i was pretty nervous especially when it started to come over the ridge and -- well, i kind of freaked out, actually. >> reporter: three men were arrested on suspicion of recklessly starting a fire. police say what began with a campfire is now visible from space fueled by dry brush untouched by wildfire in 46 years. so we have had some cooler temperatures overnight. and the winds have died down a little bit but one fire inspector told me they are going to continue monitoring those santa ana winds which are notoriously unpredictable, dangerous and worrisome. reporting live interest irwindale -- from irwindale, i'm teri okita. back to you. >> three men have been arrested. what happens next? >> reporter: so right now, each is behind bars, $20,000 bail each. and then the los angeles district attorney and the u.s. attorney will get together. they will decide whether or not they are going to file state
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and/or federal charges against these three men. >> thank you. we have known about it for weeks but it's about to become official. we have a drought emergency all across california. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisco this morning where the governor is expected to declare a drought emergency later today. anne. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of groups have been putting pressure on the governor to make this declaration. we have been waiting to find out when or if he is going to do it and it looks like that is going to happen here in downtown san francisco at 9:00 this morning. that drought declaration will likely then trigger rationing from toilet flushes to farmers irrigating crops. sierra snowpack and reservoir levels are well below normal now and we have been seeing the effects of this dry weather here in northern california but several recent wildfires cal fire firefighters that are normally out of work this time of year. >> definitely not expecting any rain anytime soon so if there's
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anything that we are expecting it's to fight more fires. >> some counties around this area have already begun preparing for a drought before the governor makes the call. they are pumping phoenix lake in marin and a drought has already been declared in mendocino county. the national weather service came out yesterday saying it looks dry here for the next 90 days. so things are likely to become worse. lawrence karnow has a closer look at what we can expect in the near term. lawrence. >> yeah. looks like we're staying dry now. 90 days is a little far out but nonetheless today is another day with near record-breaking temperatures probably a couple more records will fall but high pressure beginning to weaken. that means temperatures will fall off a couple of degrees here. still, 70s inside the bay and also the valleys and upper 60s out toward the coastline. well into the 70s in the santa cruz area again today. all right. mostly clear skies out over the bay right now. still breezy but not as windy as it's been over the mountaintops and down below not much at all so cold in spots.
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28 in santa rosa. 41 in san jose. 34 degrees in concord. and 39 degrees now in oakland. this afternoon, we are expecting a lot of sunshine coming our way and again these temperatures going to be impressive, about 72 degrees in san jose. 70 in livermore. and about 74 degrees in oakland. looks like we are going to keep things dry but cool over the weekend. what about after that? we'll have more on that in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. the man san jose police arrested in a serial arson case is due in court today. 48-year-old patrick william brennan is in santa clara county jail. so far he is only booked on two counts of arson but is suspected in about a dozen fires on the eastern edge of downtown all set within a five- day period that ended sunday. the most destructive of the fires was this one, thursday of last week. it caused an estimated $5 million in damage to a warehouse at julian and 28th streets. brennan lived in a mobile home park on east san antonio street on the same block as three of
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the fires. that's where he was arrested wednesday night. police say he was very forthcoming. >> at this point, we are extremely certain that we have the individual responsible for all the arsons that have occurred in the city. >> the break in the case came when sjpd sergeant searched through a database of convicted arsonists. a photo of brennan resembled images on surveillance camera as well as a suspicion looking man in the area. we have a mess brewing in pleasanton. it's the only way to say it. it's a gravel truck spilling debris all over the freeway. and it's kind of a longer stretch where we're seeing these reports. it's from westbound 580 as you approach the dublin interchange and continuing southbound on 680 from pleasanton into fremont. but it sounds like there's a bunch of gravel spilled near the bernal exit. again, caltrans sweeper crews are heading out there now to clean up. but it is causing damage to several cars and it's very dangerous as far as spinouts
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go. so a heads up. again, that's southbound 680 from pleasanton into fremont. in the meantime, mass transit is a good idea. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. now that we're past 5:00, most of the overnight roadwork is cleared including on the bay bridge on that new eastern span, westbound 80. we had some roadwork from the incline out towards treasure island. looks like we just lost our golden gate bridge camera. overall traffic is fine this morning into san francisco approaching doyle drive. and the san mateo bridge also moving at the speed limit this morning. right side of your screen, traffic awful light right now coming out of hayward. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. in just two days, the 49ers will find out if they should book a flight to the super bowl or tee time. cate caugiran has more on the play-off game in the great
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northwest. we are hoping it's a flight to new york. >> reporter: we are. we know the team is going to leave for seattle this afternoon and they are going to have a couple of days to get ready for that big nfc championship game. the team is prepping for pete carroll and the seahawks top- ranked defense. yesterday we caught up with the team during practice at 49ers headquarters in santa clara. when the 9ers face seattle on sunday, they will do it in the noisy nest of the seattle seahawks. to give you a comparison, this harley registers about 104 decibels. century link field broke a guinness world record at 137 decibels. >> it's loud. it's damaging. it's dangerous. and it's really hard to play football in. >> reporter: even a company that makes some of the loudest speakers out there could only crank it up to 130 decibels. to find out how the noise level compares with other things you're used to hearing, go to, click on "links and numbers." reporting live in the newsroom, back to you guys. >> well, cate, we know you can
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hear it, but i guess you can feel it, too, right, in the stands? >> reporter: definitely, frank. with a crowd of 68,000, that jumping up and down makes it feel like a 2.0 earthquake. >> so we're thinking a lot of hand signals in this game. >> reporter: i know. hand signals and signs. >> i know drew brees from the saints last week he actually wore ear plugs. >> it's loud. >> just to block it out. >> reporter: anything that helps. >> colin can figure it out. cate caugiran live downstairs in the newsroom, thanks. and kpix 5's ken bastida, dennis o'donnell are going to wing their way up today to seattle. our live coverage begins with a big special "49er preview" tonight right here on channel 5 at 7:00. time now is 5:10. you only turn 50 once. how first lady michelle obama is celebrating the milestone today. >> we have a right to know when our children are in danger. >> a bay area community is creeped out and ready to take action. the alarming sighting on a school campus that has some
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parents saying, enough is enough. >> and are you safe on bay area streets? the number one thing police say pedestrians and drivers can do right now. >> high pressure starting to weaken a little bit. what does it mean for your weekend weather? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it's out of here! the roadwork that is up and down northbound and southbound 880. we'll have the latest travel times here plus get a check on the roads in pleasanton with a gravel truck spill coming up. ,, people across america are experiencing the amazing shine of finish quantum, voting it product of the year, better homes and garden's best new dishwasher detergent, and now it has the good housekeeping seal, giving finish quantum more honors than ever before.
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today.... and she's loving . mrs. obama was born first lady michelle obama hits the half century milestone today. and she is loving it. mrs. obama was born on january 17, 1964, in chicago. she describes herself as 50 and fabulous. the let's move creator is getting ready to move herself as in show off some dance moves. there is a big birthday celebration for her at the white house tomorrow and it's rumored beyonce may sing. michelle obama is trending on twitter this morning. also trending now, "duck dynasty." fewer fans flocked to the show's premier with a 28% drop in viewers. justin bieber the singer's iphone was seized for evidence in an egging probe. sacramento kings, the nba team will be the first major pro sports team to use bitcoin and, of course, the 49ers are
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trending this morning! you know why. remember, you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. >> no, tell us why. >> tell us why. >> game this weekend! >> football game up in september. how about some traffic on a friday? are we light out there? >> well, we're light around many areas except for one. we do have this one problem and it continues to brew out there in pleasanton. so there are reports of some cars damaged by this gravel truck spill. we have had a hard time focusing on exactly where this problem is. but it sounds like it's southbound 680 mainly approaching the bernal exit. again, early this morning a gravel truck spilled debris on the road. again, these are just reports coming in of some cars getting damaged and they are off to the right-hand shoulder maybe flat tires spinouts. so we know that caltrans sweeper crews are heading to the scene. earlier there are reports for a gravel truck heading into fremont but it sounds like the bulk of the debris is in the
5:16 am
pleasanton area in the southbound lanes of 680. overall everything you can see on 101 and 280 into and out of san francisco if you have a flight to catch no delay by sfo. and out to the bay bridge now, a lot of our overnight roadwork is picked up by 5:00 so that's great news heading into san francisco right now. problem-free all along the new eastern span. and heading into treasure island. no problems heading into the tunnel any longer, northbound and southbound 880 awful quiet as well heading into your downtown oakland exits and southbound all the roadwork has been picked up as well between marina and davis. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your friday forecast, here's lawrence. >> and friday looking good around the bay area. a lot of sunshine coming our way again. high pressure beginning to weaken just a little bit as it slides east so the temperatures probably going to fall off a couple of degrees but not before leaving behind another well above normal day likely records falling again. mostly clear skies over the
5:17 am
bay. the temperatures chilly in spots. down into the 20s into santa rosa right now. it is 39 in oakland. 47 in san francisco. and 41 in san jose. this afternoon, skies will be mostly sunny again. and just slightly cooler and then this weekend you will see plenty of sunshine but maybe a couple of patches of fog along the coastline and the temperatures coming down a few more degrees. but today again, this ridge bringing with it the chance of near record heat in spots and couple of records may be broken in oakland and mountain view and then looks like over the weekend this ridge will start to weaken and slide east. temperatures around the state also warm. 76 degrees in monterey in the middle of january. that's something else! 70 degrees in sacramento. 73 in fresno. and 58 degrees and sunny in lake tahoe. around the bay though temperatures zooming up foot 70s in the south bay 60s toward the coastline. you will see a lot of 60s and 70s as you make your way to the east bay. and inside the bay as high as 72 degrees in oakland. that would be a record if they hit that. and 69 in san francisco. next couple of days we'll begin
5:18 am
to cool down the temperatures. right now, though, doesn't look like we have any rain in sight just a few more clouds coming our way as we get into wednesday and thursday. by the way, sunrise 7:23. sunset 5:23. we are 9" below rain. another beach day. santa cruz near 80 degrees. >> amazing. >> it is. 5:18. some parents in south san francisco are scared about what might happen when their kids go to school. they went to the school board last night to demand some action. that's after three different cases of naked or suspicious men on three different campuses since new year's day. all three men were gone by the time authorities had showed up. and the schools don't have surveillance cameras. >> we have a rated to know when our children are in -- a right to know when our children are in danger. we have a right to know when there's an active predator in our community. >> we will embark on a discussion. we will put this item on our agenda. >> the issue is expected to
5:19 am
come up tomorrow when the south city school board has its annual retreat. some changes have already happened including more locks at the schools. happening today, a preliminary hearing is set for later this morning for the woman accused of killing a menlo park couple. prosecutors say 54-year-old marjorie reitzell's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limited when she hit -- limit when she hit the couple last year. a rash of accidents involving jaywalkers. the nearly 900 car and pedestrian crashes in san francisco last year police found most to be caused by driver error. but when police looked at the 21 fatalities, they also found pedestrians made mistakes. last night chief greg suhr said pedestrian safety is a major priority. >> as our staffing bumps up, so will the tickets. we are committed to a new
5:20 am
normal in san francisco. >> police say cell phone use is becoming part of the problem drivers are often talking on them and many pedestrians talk and text while acrossing the street. >> our morning anchor counterparts making good on last weekend's bet coming up. this is terrific. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, is the relationship between jim harbaugh and pete carroll better than perceived? the coaches explain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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play o' the day. nashville goalie carter hutton was ca behind the goal, when philadelphia's take a look they play of the day. nashville goalie hutton caught behind the goal when michael raple took a shot and the goalie comes out of nowhere with a big save. that's our play of the day. nice. predators beat the flyers 4-3 in a shootout. good morning, everybody. ever since jim harbaugh ran up the score on pete carroll in the what's your deal game there's been speculation about the relationship between the two.
5:24 am
so the seahawks head coach tried to clear that up yesterday. >> we have not been friends over the years because we don't know each other very well. just know each other through the game, you know, through when we used to coach against him when he was playing and since we have coached against each other. and so there's very -- it's a very confined relationship in that regard. it's, uhm, for whatever reason, you guys have had a field day with thinking that it's something other than it is. i have great respect for what jim has done. you guys have had a blast with it but there's nothing there, you know, so -- >> animosity, no. erroneous, erroneous. it's football. it's competition. it's winning. sharks visiting south florida take on the panthers. game scoreless for nearly two periods but then joe thornton breakaway scores, his sixth goal of the year. and the sharks win 3-0. how about some basketball? >> rex walters and usf hosting byu on the hilltop. cougars up 1, second half carlino with the steal up ahead
5:25 am
to tyler who gets the dunk and the foul. byu beats the dons 83-76. enough of the hype. well, maybe one more half hour. tonight at 7:00, we go into enemy territory next to the space needle, ken and i will bring you "49er preview" on location. have a great day, everybody. >> tonight at 7:00. okay. two days away from the big tilt up in seattle. but before the trip up north, how about that big winner in north carolina? >> yup. since the 9ers beat the panthers, the morning crew at wbt in charlotte had to put together a musical number. a san francisco classic, of course, with a southern twist. take a look. ♪[ music ] ♪ i'm going home to my city by the bay ♪ >> hit it, everybody! [ banjo music ] [ clapping ] >> "i left my heart in san francisco" ♪
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high on a hill it calls to me ♪ to be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars ♪ the morning fog will chill the air ♪ i don't care. [ knee slapping music ] my love waits there in san francisco above the blue and windy sea ♪ when i come home to you san francisco ♪ your golden sun will shine on me ♪ ♪[ music ] >> all right, everybody, come on in, whoo! yeah! >> it's a big ho-down! >> they went on facebook and just invited the whole town. it was in i think shelby, north carolina, right outside of charlotte and over 100 people showed up and helped them banjo pickers the whole shabang. >> that was great. >> nice job, charlotte. big thumbs up. 5:26. target customers find themselves asking, you know
5:27 am
what? the new headache showing up in their in box. plus. >> they don't have anything now. and they are not young. they will be a little hard to build on. >> homes burn and evacuation orders are lifted. we have a look at the destruction in southern california this morning. >> an official drought declaration is expected this morning. coming up we'll tell you what this means for all of us.
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald he is about to make it official. i'm anne makovec live outside the state building in san francisco where governor jerry brown is expected to declare a statewide drought emergency. >> president obama is set to unveil new rules for gathering
5:31 am
nsa intelligence. why critics say it won't be enough to enough to curb government spying. >> continuing dry warm weather, more records today we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. >> a gravel truck spilled a lot of gravel on southbound 680 and it is causing some damage to cars in pleasanton. we'll have the latest on the delays coming up. >> good morning. it's friday, january 17. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. tgif! good to have you with us. it's 5:30. we have been dry for so long, it's clear we are now in a drought. today it will become official in california. anne makovec is at the state building here in san francisco where the governor will be there later this morning to declare a drought emergency. anne. >> reporter: he has been under pressure for weeks to declare a drought emergency. that opens us up for more federal funding to help with this situation. governor brown expected to make that announcement this morning
5:32 am
at 9 a.m. >> don't think that a paper from the governor's office is going to affect the rain. >> reporter: it will likely trigger rationing from toilet plushes to farmers -- flushes to farmers irrigating crops with water below normal. in marin county they have begun tapping phoenix lake sending water to the system's distribution system. >> the reservoir supplies are below average. >> reporter: except for a few days in 2012, the pump in that lake hasn't been turned on for more than 20 years. the district is asking customers to lower usage by fixing leaks and not watering dormant plants. >> everyone is aware it hasn't been raining and so we are all just waiting to see if it's going to rain. >> reporter: farmers from the san joaquin valley rallied at the capital yesterday asking the state to request federal assistance before the drought gets worse. >> the governor can't make it rain but there are a few things
5:33 am
that can be done. >> reporter: another thing that can be done in the future improvements to the state's water storage system. so we don't run into these sorts of tight supplies in the future p but again, that takes money. and that would be a while before it's actually implemented. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. the university of california system isic maaing plans to deal with the drought. their new president janet napolitano wants to reduce water usage by 20% systemwide by the year 2020. the plan will be discussed at the next uc board of regents meeting. developing near l.a., 24 hours after igniting, firefighters are getting the upper hand on an explosive wildfire near the city of glendora. today crews are focused on putting out hot spots. flames are no longer spreading to populated neighborhoods. so far, 1700 acres have been blackened. 5 homes and 17 structures destroyed. >> it started off with a couple
5:34 am
little embers, thought we were safe. really don't know right now. >> fema says it will reimburse up to 75% of certain firefighting costs. the colby fire is 30% contained. three men were arrested on starting the fire. police say what began with the campfire is now visible from space fueled by dry brush untouched by wildfire in 46 years. 5:34. i can't remember the last time we had rain. when was it? >> it's been quite a while. we haven't had significant rainfall since december 9. that was the last time and even that wasn't much but it was a little over a year ago we had all that rain and we were thinking we go to see all kind of record levels of rainfall and then it shut down and here we are in a drought. out the door we go mostly clear skies. the temperatures rising today near record levels maybe a couple of records falling toward the afternoon. 70s into the bay. 70s inland. 60s in toward the coast. so yeah, another day with some very unusually warm weather. looks like out the door though cold in spots to begin with.
5:35 am
we have clear skies and calm conditions in santa rosa at 28. 34 in concord. and 47 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, sunny and bright in the south bay of temperatures up into the 70s there. 72 in san jose. 68 in antioch. about 71 in pre pleasanton. then you can see 72 a record in oakland and about 69 degrees in san francisco. let's check your roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. back out to pleasanton. this is the problem spot so far this morning. a lot of damage to cars in the area along southbound 680 all because of a gravel truck spill. sounds like a lot spilled on the road especially approaching bernal. we had learned caltrans sweeper crews will hopefully get out there in the next 10 minutes about 5:45 is what they tell us. we knew a car spun out on westbound 580 to southbound 680 on the connector ramp. another car reported damage to its hood so be careful if your commute takes you in that area. in the meantime, traffic is stacking up through the
5:36 am
altamont pass and the livermore valley. we are seeing slowdowns approaching the dublin interchange. that is your "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. happening later today san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver his state of the city address expected to call for an ender paid meters on sunday to make the city more affordable on the weekend and a $500 million bond to fund transportation to be approved by voters. homeless advocates plan to stage a march and rally in san francisco. the project plans to promote a homeless bill of rights that it wants to implement in california and in oregon. today is the deadline for revised proposals for a development at the presidio in san francisco. the presidio trust board of directors has narrowed down a number of bids to three in an idea from "star wars" creator george lucas one of the three. he wants to build a museum to
5:37 am
display his art collection and movie memorabilia. the site in question is currently a sports store on the water. it was an unforgettable event for many people 20 years and one hour ago. a magnitude 6.7 earthquake shook the san fernando valley area of los angeles. the northridge quake killed 57 people, 20,000 people displaced from their homes, property damage more than $20 billion. that included freeway overpasses that collapsed. this just in. president obama today will endorse a series of major changes to the national security administration's surveillance program. a senior administration official told cbs news the president will order a transition to end the nsa's current telephone metadata program but the president reportedly plans to keep most existing surveillance programs in place. that is not likely to please the program's critics. >> we think this whole program
5:38 am
is not only ineffective but it's unconstitutional. >> the president will need congressional approval for some changes at the nsa. a $1.1 trillion spending bill is waiting for the president's approval. yesterday, the senate gave final congressional approval to the measure which would fund the federal government through september. it would provide money for every agency of the government and also pay for the implementation of the healthcare reform reform law. wendy gillette joins us live on her favorite day of the week. i think everyone's favorite day of the week, right? >> reporter: definitely. wall street is looking to rebound after disappointing earnings reports brought a mixed day yesterday. the dow fell nearly 65 points, the nasdaq up 4. stock futures are up this morning. nieman marcus apologized to its customers yesterday for the security breach at its stores last month. the retailer says thieves stole some of its customers' payment
5:39 am
information and made unauthorized charges. nieman marcus has not disclosed how many of its customers were affected or what type of data was stolen. online shoppers were not part of the breach. so which state do you think has the most millionaires in relation to households? it's maryland. marketing firm phoenix put out its annual list of millionaire households in each state per capita. new jersey and connecticut round out the top three. >> you briefly talked about that nieman marcus breach of security. we remember target last month. there are some other retailers out there having trouble as well, right? >> reporter: well, we don't know if they are having trouble yet. but what we have found out is that the security breach that hit target appears to be part of a broader highly sophisticated scam that potentially affected a large number of retailers. that's according to a report from a cyber intelligence firm that works with the u.s. government. it says the breach started in june and that malware used to gather the information can cover its own tracks.
5:40 am
the retailers may not know they have been hit. as many as 70 million target customers may have had their personal information stolen. >> wendy gillette of, have a great weekend. thank you. >> thank you. 5:40 now. still ahead why many taxi drivers are ditching their jobs and joining the competition. >> plus, is it illegal to use google glass while driving? a california judge weighs in. >> it may look strange. but it works. i'm kiet do with a report on how to take your workout to the next level. ,,,, [ laughing ] want to play hide and seek?
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changing sides. the cab drivers' association says members are joining ridesharing services -- primarily uber. the associat st. francis's transit war has some taxi drivers changing side. the cab drivers association says members are joining ridesharing services primarily uber. the association estimates one- third of its 8500 drivers have made the switch. ridesharing companies aren't regulated by the city and don't have to pay the same fees. those are just some of the reasons taxi drivers dislike them. >> it appears to be that's the drivers that are out there that are moving over to those services are the worst drivers. these are the drivers that everybody is complaining about being crazy drivers, being jerks. >> one of the drivers who made the switch told us he did it because he could make his own schedule. "rideshare" drivers are only covered by insurance when they are carrying passengers unlike taxis. 5:43. let's check in with liz on the roads. >> we have some problems now on the roads. if you are traveling in pleasanton, in fact, we are starting to see some delays due
5:44 am
to this gravel spill early this morning. i guess around 4:30 is when we first got word of it. westbound 580 on the southbound 680 approach that connector ramp one car spun out because of a bunch of debris and it sounds like it's out there approaching bernal. caltrans crews should be out there any minute. in the meantime, we are also seeing backups now coming out of tracy through the altamont pass until you reach about vasco. then things improve. but then again, we are seeing some slowdowns as you approach the dublin interchange. not sure if it's gravel related but that connector ramp be extra careful this morning. all right. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far no metering lights at 5:44 this morning. everything looks good just some slight delays in the far right cash lanes. and mass transit bart systemwide on time. they should have more than 30 trains now all reporting no delays. well, it is that time again. we want to know what's driving you crazy this morning. and we got an email from jeff. he wants to know why caltrain doesn't enforce its cell phone use rule. we now have people simply
5:45 am
chatting during an hour-long train commute because they are bored. all right. thanks, jeff, for your question. we talked to caltrain and they said they will crackdown on chatty cathys if folks get out of hand. but for the most part, it's up to passengers themselves to practice good manners. eyes focused, fingers moving but lips closed. most folks use common sense when it comes to basic cell phone etiquette. >> occasionally we'll have somebody who forgets themselves and in those situations, the conductor may come up and ask them to quiet down. >> reporter: we hopped on board a caltrain with the agency spokesman christine dunn. she is referring to the dreaded loud cell phone talker. some passengers have heard it all. >> overhear some interesting conversations. >> reporter: from conflicts with coworkers and lover's quarrels to decisions over what to have for dinner. >> i think basically you should be able to text or use it as
5:46 am
long as you don't disturb other people. >> reporter: officially, caltrain asked its customers to keep cell phone use to a minimum and speak quietly when in use. if not, a conductor has the right to step in. so why not take it one step further? some riders have suggested a quiet car or even a total ban on cell phone talking except for emergencies. fortunately, dunn says the number of people practicing common courtesy far outweigh the troublemakers. >> very quiet ride. people often conduct business while they're on caltrain. they bring their laptops, their ipads, their cell phones and they're working. >> and once again, thanks, jeff, for your question. we know there's a lot of things annoying on mass transit and the road. so tell us what drives you crazy during your commute. ask ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix, and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
5:47 am
that is a check of your "kcbs traffic" and more. here's lawrence. all right. we have a beautiful day coming our way. can't find any raindrops just yet. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it. things could change soon. still, out the door we go. we have some cold temperatures in some of the valleys dropping down to the 20s into the santa rosa area right now but sunny and warm by the afternoon although slightly cooler than yesterday. and then mostly sunny over the weekend with some cooler temperatures but maybe a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. high pressure the whole axis beginning to slide further east so the sea breeze is going to kick in a little bit earlier today. the air quality, well, it's not too bad although running in the moderate categories. we have not had a "spare the air" day and it doesn't look like we will as more fresh air is coming in off the pacific. 76 in monterey bay. 70s in the south bay. 60s at the coastline. 60s and low 70s in the east bay. inside the bay those temperatures 72 degrees in
5:48 am
oakland, that could be a record. and 69 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days cooling down the temperatures still above average right now no rain in sight for the next five to seven days. your sunrise time today 7:23. sunset at 5:17. and oh, yeah, don't forget, we have a little game going on this weekend. we have the 49ers and the seattle seahawks. weather could be a factor. >> no! >> cloudy skies -- >> are they getting rain? >> slight chance of some showers. temperature of 46 degrees. that's a little cool. >> rain and noise? >> they haven't seen rain forever. the 9ers have been around here. >> that's true. >> we'll be rooting for them. >> we sure will. >> okay, lawrence, thanks. well, this could be a test case when it comes to technology for drivers. the woman who was cited last fall for wearing these, google glass while driving, won her case. the san diego traffic court threw out the charges. the ahe is aring officer could not -- the arresting officer could not prove the woman was using the device behind the
5:49 am
wheel. she had been pulled over for speeding. she was found not guilty of that, either. so technology leaking into the courts now. speaking of technology, scientists at stanford are experimenting with a device that boosts athletic performance. >> kiet do explains how it works drawing from evidence in nature. >> reporter: i have never been able to do more than a dozen pullups in a row. today, i got 13. were you impressed? [ pause ] [ laughter ] >> reporter: turns out muscles get tired when they heat up. what i need is a hack. >> better than steroids? >> much better. legal and cheaper. >> reporter: stanford researchers dr. craig heller and dr. dennis gran have invented a device promising to boost performance by cooling you from the inside out. ever wonder how bears stay cool in the summer? they dump heat through their paws as seen in this thermal
5:50 am
image. most mammals including humans have developed a special network of blood vessels in their hands and paw. >> they act as radiators so we can dump enormous amounts of heat when we're active. >> reporter: enter the cooling glove that circulates chilled water around your hand expanding vessels to maximize blood flow. >> so you mechanically draw blood into it and it circulates through at the same rate but you have made a really big radiator. you put the radiator from a mack truck in a honda. >> reporter: troy simpson at life works fitness and crossfit in san jose and firefighter chuck anderson helped me test it out. they repeated two workouts. one with and one without cooling. after wearing the gloves, chuck saw a modest gain of 3% in total pushups but troy saw an 11% increase in total pullups and with bench presses going from 51 to 64 total reps an increase of 25%.
5:51 am
does it work? >> hard to say yet. i definitely want to try it again. . >> reporter: as for me, total pullups jumped 20%. all righty. check it out. the numbers, they do not lie. so the max number of reps that i pulled off in the story was 13. i actually with the machine got 14. and you get a lot of benefit towards the end when your muscles are all warm so you see there the numbers really took a big jump toward the end. and the most dramatic, 46 total pullups versus 55 with the cooling, that's a 20% increase. i think this thing works. >> so kiet, it looks funky. how does it feel for starters and how much does it cost? >> reporter: they say that it's just slightly less than atmospheric pressure so it's not uncomfortable just feels like a snug blood pressure cuff. you can buy this think online
5:52 am
for $1,000. >> but if it works, i think people might pay for that, right? if they are serious about working out. >> for the uber athletes. >> reporter: sports teams like it, a lot of stanford teams use it. we hear through the grapevine that a couple of 49ers use it, as well. >> it's a good look for you. [ laughter ] >> i don't think i could do one pullup so maybe it would let me do one. there you go, thanks, kiet do. >> reporter: everybody needs a little help. >> that's true. time now 5:52. coming up, cubs without a mother? but these adorable survivors have a new home. you will see where. also ahead -- >> when i hit the corner my first reaction was really? >> birdwatching at walmart? why it took weeks to send these feathered visitors packing. coming your way. >> good morning, everyone. okay. i want you to figure out where i am today. clue number one. i have apples and i have a file. where am i? "where's roberta?" as the news continues on kpix 5.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. animals ended up at the zoo under sad circumstances. a hunter shot the cubs' mot the portland, oregon zoo is showing off its cougar cubs for the first time. they ended up at the zoo under sat circumstances. a hunter shot the mother of the cubs last week. the hunter took immediate action to save the cubs so they are at the zoo and said to be doing fine. cute. one bird is ruffling her feathers the as a texas walmart. >> apparently it is legg at the store for days. a grackle got saturday night
5:56 am
the caty store. it hung out in the bread aisle. the next week it was pecking at the meat. >> there is an employee about two feet away stocking meat on the shelves. hey, ma'am, either walmart has some fresh products or there's a real bird behind you. >> after three weeks a customer complained to corporate. walmart shut down the 24-hour store, located the bird and sent it packing. >> whoo. >> 5:56 right now. the next half hour a destructive wildfire continues to threaten homes in southern california. you're taking a live look at the flames down there. we are going to have the latest live from the scene. >> a drought declaration is expected this morning. coming up, we'll tell you what that means for all of us. ,,,,
5:57 am
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6:00 am
abused. >> president obama will lay out reforms to the nation's surveillance tactics today. cbs news has learned the president will keep most nsa programs in place but add more government oversight. >> my parents' motorhome where they were staying in is now completely demolished. my garage is completely gone. >> a wildfire in the hills east of los angeles has already destroyed at least five homes and forced thousands of evacuations. police arrested three men who had a campfire that went out of control. >> definitely not expecting rain soon. >> governor brown is expected to declare a drought emergency today. this is one of the driest winters on record. the declaration will allow the governor to order water conservation measures and seek federal help. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's friday, january 17. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'


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